Civil works for transport projects

As a professional transport engineering and technology company, we participate in civil engineering projects all over the world.

Under various project mandates, SYSTRA's civil engineering division mainly provides the following services in the areas of high-speed rail, rail and urban mass transit:

 ● Choose reasonable technical scheme and efficient construction method to complete the project design

 ● Responsible for design review, project management and construction supervision

 ● Provide optimization consultation service for the project implementation based on the comprehensive factors including shortening construction period, saving cost, protecting environment, facilitating maintenance and ensuring safety

Design and supervision services

The main types of projects

 ● Embankment and cutting

 ● Drainage system

 ● Subgrade

 ● Tunnel

 ● Suspension bridge

 ● Steel bridge

 ● Composite bridge

 ● Precast concrete bridge

 ● Underground and elevated stations

The working methods and processes used by SYSTRA in the services were certified by the ISO9001 quality system in July 1998 and proved again in 2001.

Civil works for high speed railway

High speed railway in France

The technical personnel of SYSTRA civil engineering department participated in the planning, design and construction for the TGV Southeast line, the TGV Atlantic line and the TGV Northern line in France. In addition, SYSTRA was responsible for the review and demonstration of the elevated structure design for the TGV Mediterranean line.

High speed railway in UK

 ● With its extensive experience in engineering design and project management, SYSTRA has participated in the preliminary and detailed design of high-speed rail in UK, putting focus on the special requirements of high-speed railway, making optimization suggestions for line layout and structure design and taking charge of design review.

 ● SYSTRA undertook the preliminary design review of the elevated structure for the Phase II of high speed railway in UK (Ebbsfleet-London) and completed the detailed design for 7.5km elevated structure.

Seoul - Busan High speed railway in Korea

 ● Concept design

 ● Preliminary design

 ● Detailed design

 ● Detailed design review (bridges, stations)

 ● Optimization of profile design

 ● Entrusted by the owner, SYSTRA made the new design for the construction drawing of elevated sections (Total length = 131 km)

 ● Moam: Preliminary design and detailed design for 1 truss arch bridge and 1 truss bridge


 ● Florida High speed railway in USA

 ● With the extensive experience in the design of high speed railway, the expert team of SYSTRA completed the preliminary design and the definition of functional specification.


Civil work for conventional railway

Gamna bridge, Bangladesh

 ● Preliminary design, detailed design and construction supervision for 60 bridges

Line 2, Acaba-Wati, Jordan

 ● The Line 2 is 16km long. SYSTRA took charge of the conceptional design and the preparation for construction tendering.

Jakarta - Tangerang railway line, Indonesia

 ● Conceptional design, detailed design for construction drawings, compilation of tendering documents


Tehran-Isfahan-Qom railway line, Iran

 ● Conceptional design review of the sections to be constructed

 ● Checking on the conformity of design requirements of completed sections

Urban rail transit

Santiago Metro Line 4, Chile(2002-2003)

 ● Preliminary design of a 7.8km long elevated line

New Delhi Metro Line 3, India(2002)

 ● SYSTRA was responsible for the design of the whole line.Total length is 20km, with 19 underground stations and 1 elevated station.

Santiago Metro Line 5,Chile(1991-1995)

 ● SYSTRA was in charge of the conceptional design and preliminary design of the whole line, including alignment and profile design, station design, structure design and investment cost estimation.

 ● Detailed design review for one section (5.6km, including elevated stations), Participation in the construction contract bid evaluation and construction supervision.

Lisbon metro, Portugal (1990-1995, Campo Grande station with elevated sections)

 ● Detailed design and construction supervision for stations and 5 elevated structures

 ● In-depth analysis on track fixation and rail-structure interaction

Light rail system in Turin, Italy

 ● Preliminary design, detailed design, and construction supervision

Extension f Muzha Line in Taibei(2001-2002)

 ● Preliminary design and detailed design for elevated structure of the extension

Light rail system in Gimhae, Korea(2001-2002)

 ● Preliminary design of elevated lines

Light rail system Phase I in Uijeongbu ,Korea(2002)

 ● Design review for 10km long elevated line

Light rail system in Renne, France

 ● SYSTRA was in charge of the civil work design, construction coordination in site and the project management on equipment installation (excluding system VAL).

Bridge and elevated structure

SYSTRA can provide the technical services for all aspects of bridge construction:

 ● Feasibility study

 ● Concept design

 ● Preliminary/detailed design

 ● Construction design

 ● Compilation of tendering documents

 ● Construction drawings design review

 ● Choice of construction method

 ● Construction supervision

 ● Upgrade and renovation design

 ● Technical transfer

In the course of providing technical services, SYSTRA experts always try their best to meet the requirements of the owners:

 ● Harmonize with the urban landscape (both suburban and urban)

 ● Esthetic structure design

 ● Reasonable construction method and tight construction planning

 ● Cooperate closely with other technical departments of SYSTRA to ensure that the functional requirements of the structure are met

 ● Optimization of construction cost

SYSTRA’s experts can carry out thematic research according to the special needs of the project, for example, in the high speed railway projects:

 ● Vibration analysis

 ● Rail-structure interaction analysis

 ● Thematic research on passenger comfort

The bridge structures designed by SYSTRA adopt a wide range of construction technology:

 ● Reinforced concrete bridge structure

 ● Prefabricated concrete bridge structure

 ● Steel bridge structure

 ● Steel-concrete composite bridge structure

SYSTRA participated in the design of various forms of road bridges or railway bridges:

 ● Simply supported beam structure

 ● Segment prefabrication structure

 ● Full span prefabrication elevated structure

 ● Truss bridge

 ● Arc bridge

 ● Frame structure

 ● Cable-stayed bridge

 ● Suspension bridge

Tunnel and underground works

Comprehensive project design

 ● Integral design of transport system

 ● Design of multi-modal transfer hub

 ● Design of tunnel cross-section


Line insertion of difficult sections

When studying the insertion of transport line, especially when the line needs to go through dense urban areas, SYSTRA experts need to consider not only the harmony between engineering and the overall urban environment, but also need to take into account a variety of restrictions and risks that may occur during the construction.
The construction method shall conform to the design requirements and construction conditions. Whether the construction method is reasonable or not will directly affect the investment of the project and the success of the project. In terms of tunnel construction methods, SYSTRA experts have accumulated rich practical experience:

 ● Cut-cover excavation method

 ● Traditional construction method of tunnel sections and stations

 ● TBM method (Compressed-air, mud-water or soil-pressure balanced shield)

 ● Special construction method

 ● Immersed pipe, pile foundation replacement, soil treatment