With its expertise in the design and operation of metro network,and the 100 years of successful experience of the Paris metro,SYSTRA, a French company, is working hard to give advice and suggestions for the development of metro systems around the world. Since the 1960s, SYSTRA experts have traveled to every corner of five continents, from Mexico City and Santiago Chile in South America to Cairo, Egypt, from the first metro line on the African continent in 1987 to New Delhi, India, and Guangzhou, China. SYSTRA is making positive contributions to the construction and development of metro networks in major cities.

South America

■ Mexico

Mexico City

Mexico City's metro network, one of the most important in the world, currently has 11 lines,whose total length is 201 kilometers with 175 stations and daily passenger traffic of 4.5 million. The construction of the city's metro network began in 1967, and SYSTRA has followed the development of the network through various stages:

- Project design

- Tendering for the procurement of equipment and rolling stock

- System and equipment manufacturing supervision

- Equipment and rolling stock installation supervision

- Training for technical staff

- Trial running organization

- Assistance to operation and maintenance

Line A, line B and line 8: They were put into service respectively in 1992, 1994 and 2000. During the implementation of these projects, SYSTRA was mainly responsible for the technical support of electro-mechanical equipment, the design of civil engineering projects and the inspection of imported equipment.

Metro line 1, line 2 and line 3: In order to cooperate with the renovation project for these 3 lines which started in November 2003, in March 2003, SYSTRA completed the analysis of the current situation and worked out the technical parameters needed for the system renovation within 8 months.

Mexico City


■ Chile


Santiago's urban metro network consists of three lines, with a total length of 40.4 km (including 27.7 km underground line) and 52 stations.

Metro line 1 and line 2: Based on the preliminary design completed in 1967-68, SYSTRA further completed the detailed design and construction drawing design of line 1 and line 2, and provided technical support for several times during the implementation phase of the project in 1970-80.

Metro line 5: In the 1990s, SYSTRA was involved in the construction of Metro Line 5, which is the third metro line of the city. The first phase of the line, about 10 km long with 12 stations, was put into operation in 1997. During this period, SYSTRA provided the following technical services:

- Pre-phase design for civil work and equipment

- Detailed design for track and U-shaped elevated structure (5.6km long)

- Planning control, in-situ coordination and system trial running during the implementation phase of the project

- Supervision on civil works, supervision on manufacturing and installation of system and rolling stock equipment

Later, SYSTRA participated in the design and implementation of the extension section of line 5. The extension, about 3 km long and with 3 stations, was put into operation in 2000.

Metro line 4

The line is about 7 km with 6 stations. In 2002, SYSTRA completed the preliminary design of the whole line and the detailed design of the elevated sections.

■ Venezuela


Caracas's urban metro network consists of three lines, with a total length of 44.6 km and 40 stations and daily passenger traffic of 1.5 million.
Metro Line 1, line 2 and line 3: SYSTRA began to participate in the construction of the city's metro network in 1978, mainly responsible for the inspection of line 1 and line 2 system integration (rolling stock and equipment), including detailed design review, equipment manufacturing and installation supervision and commissioning test organization. After that, SYSTRA also completed the quality control of line 3 to ensure the line to be put into service smoothly in 1994.


Since 2002, SYSTRA has been actively involved in the design and construction supervision of a 10 km long metro line in Rostok (in the suburb of Caracas). The line will be connected to Caracas's metro line 2 to facilitate the transport between the suburbs and the city center.


■ India

New Delhi

Metro line 3: In 2002, SYSTRA was awarded the general consultant contract for the design of line 3 in New Delhi, India, with a total length of 23 km. The service was divided into two phases:

Phase I: SYSTRA is responsible for the preliminary and detailed design of the station and inter-station structure, buildings and systems/equipment (ventilation, air conditioning, mechanical and electrical) for the 470 m underground excavation section, and also the preparation of tendering documents. Later, SYSTRA provided construction supervision services for the client.

Phase II: the remaining 21 km of line 3 with 20 stations.

On the basis of fully considering the urban environment and reducing the track height, SYSTRA completed the design of the elevated U-shaped structure. At the same time, SYSTRA also participated in the detailed design of elevated sections, station structure and buildings, interface, track and power supply, and assisted the client to complete the preparation of the tendering documents and the final design documents review. During the next two and a half years of construction, SYSTRA continued to provide technical support to the client.

■ Philippine


Metro line 3: SYSTRA participated in the metro line 3 project (EDSA light rail system) in Manila as the client's general consultant. The line was put into operation in 2000 with a total length of 17.8 km and 14 stations.

SYSTRA is specifically responsible for the following work:

- Review on design, operation and maintenance documentation

- Fabrication supervision and commissioning test for rolling stock and equipment plant

- Training of operation and maintenance personnel

- Line commissioning test coordination and 5 year technical support for maintenance


Middle East

■ United Arab Emirates


In March 2003, SYSTRA won the management consulting contract for the major urban rail transit construction project in Dubai, providing services such as preparation of tendering documents and development of driverless light rail transportation systems.

The project consists of two lines: the green line, which connects the airport and the port in an east-west direction and runs through the city center; the red line is in north-south direction, parallel to the coastline, with a total length of more than 50 kilometers. Then it is considered to add a circular line about 8km long to these two lines, which will use tramway or monorail system, known as the "CBD ring line", which mainly provides transportation services for dense areas in the city center.

During the implementation of the project, SYSTRA cooperated with various design firms, including Dar Al-Handasah (Lebanese-Egyptian engineering design company), RSM Salustro-Reydel, AREP (Architectural design company of SNCF) and MVA (subsidiary of SYSTRA).

■ Egypt


In 1994, the central control center of the Cairo regional line was put into service, which was a remarkable icon of the project. The line was 42 kilometers long, with 33 stations and a one-way passenger flow of up to 60,000 people per hour.

In more than 30 years of cooperation, SYSTRA has participated in several projects entrusted by the local government:

- Transportation planning for the Cairo region(1969-1972)

- Cairo regional rail transit network planning (1975-1978): 1 regional line and 2 urban lines

- Provide technical support for the implementation, operation and maintenance of the regional line as the general consultant to the client (1981-1994)

- Since 1990, SYSTRA have been involved in the detailed design of line 2 (a 19km urban line with 18 stations, constructed in 4 phases). From 1996 to 2000, SYSTRA was responsible for the system coordination and commissioning test for 4 phases, and provided technical support for the line operation and maintenance.

- Rail transit network planning adjustment and optimization of Cairo region (1999), and definition of the main technical parameters of line 3

Metro line 3: from 2001 to 2002, SYSTRA participated in the schema design of the first and second phase of line 3, with a total length of 30 kilometers, and the total length of the first and second phases was 10.5 kilometers. SYSTRA is responsible for project management and technical coordination with the assistance of local design units. The specific design of the line is completed on the basis of rail transit network planning.


■ Iran


In 1997, SYSTRA participated in the feasibility study of the first metro line in Isfahan. In 2002, SYSTRA was entrusted by the client to be responsible for the scheme design of the tunnel section and station. Later, SYSTRA was awarded the technical service contract of system design.

■ Turkey


Since May 2000, SYSTRA has been in charge of the trial revenue service of Istanbul's first metro line and is currently under technical service contracts for maintenance. The line was officially put into service in 2000, with a total length of 8.5 km and 6 stations.


■ Spain


In May 2003, the local government authorized a consortium of SACYR, Dragados and CAF to implement the city's metro line, The first phase of the project is about 19 km long with 23 stations and is scheduled to be put into service in 2006.

During the implementation of the project, SYSTRA was entrusted by the consortium to be in charge of the design of transportation system, including rolling stock, fixed equipment (traction power supply, signaling, OCC, communications, AFC, depot, etc.) and auxiliary equipment (ventilation system, entrance and exit mechanized design).

■ Romania


Since March 2002, SYSTRA has been involved in the renovation of the Bucharest metro system, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2006. The contract marks the start of a program to modernize rail transit rolling stock systems and infrastructure in the cities across central and eastern Europe.

Other projects

SYSTRA was involved in other projects

Metro network planning and design: Alexander, Algiers, Ankara, Bangkok, Rome, Tehran,Beijing etc.

Metro system commissioning test and trial running: Lyon, Manila, Monterrey, Rio de Janeiro, Montreal, Seoul, Taipei, etc.

Metro system renovation: Atlanta, Barcelona, Bucharest, Buenos Aires, Yerevan, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Madrid, New York, Singapore, Warsaw, etc.