Transport Planning

SYSTRA’s technical departments are divided into: planning, civil engineering, equipment/systems. The transport planning department consists of planners, engineers, architects, economists, operation experts and other professionals,who are mainly responsible for the planning, design and feasibility study of railway and urban transport projects.


Main working fields

- High Speed Railway

- Railway network planning

- Regional rail transit planning

- Urban transport planning


   * Metro

   * Light rail

   * Tramway

   * BRT(BRT)

   * Transfer hub,station and depot

Main expertise

- Social and economic analysis and study

- Transport service status evaluation

- Transport network reorganization/optimization

- Mobility investigation and study

- Traffic demand simulation

- Ticketing and faring policy study/consultancy

- Rail transit and bus operation

- Transport corridor and transport mode design

- Transfer and infrastructure design

- Environment evaluation

- Cost and benefit analysis

Transport network planning

Over the past 20 years, SYSTRA has adopted scientific and modern methods to set out transport development strategy, to plan different kinds of transport network so as to assist city and national transport policy makers. The bases of these studies mainly come from: analysis of transport status, forecast of transport development, structural study of traffic demand, identification of major transport corridors, suggestions on different traffic modes and schemes, and optimization of evaluation methods, for example: passenger flow forecast model, financial forecast model, evaluation of cost/travel time/social/economic benefits, comprehensive evaluation of alternatives, in-depth study of applicable alternative, etc.

Network organization design

Expectation Line

Transport solution design

For the planning and design of specific line, transfer hub, station and depot, the word “insertion” was used to express the need for good integration of transport facilities with their surroundings. Nowadays, people are more accustomed to use "integration" to describe the connection and interaction between transport facilities. At the same time, it is necessary to study the operation of different transport modes. In these areas, SYSTRA has accumulated extensive experience through the projects around the world.


Morocco High Speed Network Development Plan(2005)

Tehran Rail Transit Network Planning(2005)


- Tehran Rail Transit Network Planning, Iran(2005)

- Nice Integrated Transport Planning, France(2005)

- Morocco High Speed Network Development Plan(2005)

- Social and Economic Benefit Study for Lyon/France – Turin/Italy High Speed Railway Line(2005)

- Lorraine Regional Transport Planning, France(2004)

- Belgrade Integrated Transport Planning, Yugoslavia(2002)

- Cairo Rail Transit Network Planning, Egypt(2000)