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SYSTRA is one of the biggest railway and urban rail transit design and consulting companies in the world. SYSTRA's expertise scope covers transportation planning, project management, project feasibility study, preliminary design, detailed design, technical review and optimization, project construction supervision, equipment manufacturing supervision, system testing and commissioning, assistance to operation, etc.

SYSTRA currently has about 6,000 permanent employees, thousands of whom participate in projects around the world all year round. SYSTRA's strong strength comes from its two parent companies -- SNCF (Société Nationale de Chemin de fer) and RATP (Régie Autonome de Transport Parisien). SYSTRA can transfer various professional and technical personnel from the parent companies to participate in the different projects according to their different needs and with a great flexibility.

SYSTRA has subsidiaries, divisions and project offices distributed in Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East, SYSTRA operates his projects in more than 150 countries and 350 cities around the world.

In Asia, SYSTRA has been working on urban transport projects for more than 20 years. In 1992, the first project team was set up in Guangzhou. In 1998, SYSTRA opened a representative office in Shanghai. In 2002, a wholly foreign-owned technical consulting company was established in Shanghai and a SYSTRA office was set up in Beijing.

SYSTRA's advantages in the field of railway and urban rail transit not only lie in its strong technical strength and multi-discipline engineering and technical team, moreover, SYSTRA’s rich working experience is reflected in the skilled application and mastery of technical standards and norms of various countries in the world, as well as the competence and performance of high-level technologies in various stages of projects. Therefore, the advantages of SYSTRA in projects around the world, such as advanced technology, rich experience, strong independence and professionalism, have been fully recognized by project owners around the world.



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